At the end of the fourth week of the FOSS OPW internship

During the last two weeks my main task was focused on making a FAQ page for Wikimedia Labs.  Adding a FAQ page was one of my suggestions on the proposal which was accepted for this project. Having a well answered FAQ is making things easy with new comers as well as existing contributors. To write an FAQ we must consider all the use cases of Wikimedia Labs. It will not only provide a good guidance and general idea about Wikimedia Labs, it will also provide help when a contributor wants some detail and don’t want to go through all the documents.

Writing a FAQ is not an easy task. You have to understand the whole project and from users perspective and think for the questions they might ask frequently. With the help of the my mentor I was able to create a set of questions as an initial version and improve it by adding and removing questions and adding better answers. When we add answers we have to go through all the documentation. The main problem I had was since this was a wiki there were some outdated data. So with the process of creating a FAQ we had to edit those wiki articles also to make them more updated.


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