Month: July 2014

All Magic Comes With a Price


As we are approaching towards the end of the FOSS OPW internship period I thought of having a little flash back additional to my 10th weekly update.

One of the main goals of my project is to complete the project documentation of over 700 projects which are hosted in Wikimedia Labs/Tool Labs. The existing documentation of these projects are not enough for the new comers to decide whether they should join the project or start a new project on their own. It is not even enough for project admins to track the projects and manage them. Therefore completing the documentation will be a very important improvement on Wikimedia Labs.

To complete the documentation of each project we have to get the details from the project admins or ask them to complete their documentation. But to have this documentation edited in a structured manner we have to give the project admins guidelines as well. To do that easily I have used Forms and Templates in Semantic Wiki extensions. First I have formulated a template with discussing with my mentor to decide what are the attributes the project documentation should have. Then add those attributes to the template and make a form fro that template for the project admins to fill such that it will automatically add to the project documentation.

Even though it is easy to say doing that with Semantic Wiki to exactly get the output I want was not easy. I had to go through Semantic Wiki documentation couple of times and other templates and forms many times to determine how these are created. At one point I was really thinking that is is not feasible task. But I didn’t give up. I searched some more and finally I was able to find a way through this.

All magic has a price. If we pay the price of hard work no goal of ours is unacheivable.

PS : If you don’t know Rumpelstiltskin or not familiar with the phrase “All magic has a price” it’s high time you watched “Once upon a time” TV series.


Struggling with Semantic Wiki – 8th Weekly Update of FOSS OPW internship

At first learning to work with semantic wiki was easy. In the beginning of the internship I enjoyed setting up templates and forms very easily with semantic wiki but never thought that much of the data model.

The problem came when trying to integrate the testing templates with the existing templates which are already in the Wiki. I thought this task would be very easy and all I had to do was just copying and pasting. But soon enough it proved very wrong.

The lesson I learned from this was when learning something never learn it such that to do the assigned task only. When you learn something learn it going deeply. It will help you to figure out problems which will appear later easily.

Half way through the Internship with Wikimedia

Since it has been already six weeks passed and this is the seventh week of the FOSS OPW internship from this blog post I thought of speaking my overall experience in during the past weeks.

First let me introduce my background. I am a final year undergraduate from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka. So as you would have guessed final year is not easy. When the internship starts I was having a little bit of free time because my final year has not been started at that time. So I had plenty of time to engage in the internship work. This was new experience for me. For few months I have been engaged with open source communities. So when my internship starts I have a quiet good idea on how the open source communities work. But yet it was a new experience to me.

The assistance I got from my mentor was great. He was always there to guide me and show me the direction where I should focus. After the first few weeks my final year started and I started to get busy. That’s when things become a little bit tough.But however I love doing what I do. So although I have to manage my time more effectively to cover all the work I have at the end of the day I feel happy that I was able to do all the things I supposed to do.

So my advice for all is whatever it is do what you love. It will help you to get through tough times easily.