All Magic Comes With a Price


As we are approaching towards the end of the FOSS OPW internship period I thought of having a little flash back additional to my 10th weekly update.

One of the main goals of my project is to complete the project documentation of over 700 projects which are hosted in Wikimedia Labs/Tool Labs. The existing documentation of these projects are not enough for the new comers to decide whether they should join the project or start a new project on their own. It is not even enough for project admins to track the projects and manage them. Therefore completing the documentation will be a very important improvement on Wikimedia Labs.

To complete the documentation of each project we have to get the details from the project admins or ask them to complete their documentation. But to have this documentation edited in a structured manner we have to give the project admins guidelines as well. To do that easily I have used Forms and Templates in Semantic Wiki extensions. First I have formulated a template with discussing with my mentor to decide what are the attributes the project documentation should have. Then add those attributes to the template and make a form fro that template for the project admins to fill such that it will automatically add to the project documentation.

Even though it is easy to say doing that with Semantic Wiki to exactly get the output I want was not easy. I had to go through Semantic Wiki documentation couple of times and other templates and forms many times to determine how these are created. At one point I was really thinking that is is not feasible task. But I didn’t give up. I searched some more and finally I was able to find a way through this.

All magic has a price. If we pay the price of hard work no goal of ours is unacheivable.

PS : If you don’t know Rumpelstiltskin or not familiar with the phrase “All magic has a price” it’s high time you watched “Once upon a time” TV series.


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