Month: August 2014

All good things come to an end, so new and better things can begin

This will be the last post I will be focusing on my FOSS OPW internship with WIkimedia Foundation. But as Frank Herbert has once said, “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story”, this won’t end my contributions to open source or Wikimedia.

FOSS OPW internship has showed me many directions which I can take after I finish the internship. The career guidance given to the interns is very helpful.

Endings are not bad. They are there because you can start something new, motivated from your success and learn from failures. FOSS OPW is a great program which gave me a heap of experience in open culture. Not only that, but also it helped be to identify myself better, identify what I am good at and what should need improvements. It introduced me a great set of people who will remain as my role models forever.


Towards the end of the internship

Since we are spending the last couple of weeks in the FOSS OPW internship it’s time to wrap up the projects we are doing. Over the summer the FOSS OPW internship has kept me busy with several interesting tasks. Some are yet boring though 😉 However this has given me great opportunity to learn and deal with the open culture and open source community.

Currently my project “Welcoming new contributors to Wikimedia Labs” is in a sort of stable state where the project admins of Wikimidia Labs projects can come and complete their documentation easily and according to the form I made. The waiting phase will be extended while the nagging continues until all the project admins do their part.