Building and Running KDE Pairs

As I have earlier mentioned in my previous blog post, I have started my project “Theme Designing for Pairs” for Season of KDE. My first task is to build pairs and run it in my local machine. I have previously downloaded the executable and played with it a little bit. Therefore I uninstall it and cloned the repository using the following command.

git clone git://

For the instructions on how to build the project I have followed the README file in the project. It gives a clear set of instructions  on how to build Pairs in different platforms.

After successfully built the project you may be able to run it by typing “pairs” in the terminal. Unfortunately after successfully built it, I was not able to run it. It has been a blocker in my project for a long time. I tried various things but at the end none of them worked. Therefore, I asked my question in the mailing list and there I was able to find out the reason why it is not working in my machine.

I have to set the KDEDIRS directory to root, where my KDE is installed. After setting that variable I was able to run “Pairs” without no other change.

Now I have pairs up and running , I can continue with the rest of my tasks.




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