How to extract the images in a Google Doc

Have you ever face a situation where you have access to a certain document with some images and you want to use the images it has for some other purpose. If you want to get these pictures in a word document what you have to do is just copy the image and paste it in the word document. But what happens of you want these images and images only to upload in some wort of web page??
Recently I faced such scenario. When I am writing a research paper using WriteLatex online Latex editor I wanted to include some figures. My friend has shared those figures in a Google Doc and has sent a link to me. Since I wanted the images to upload to the Latex site, downloading it as a word document or pdf did no help. But then I found the solution.
In Google Doc you have 6 download options. If you want to download you have to click “File” menu , go to “Download as”. In the 6 options the last option is download as a web page. If you click that the document will be downloaded as a .zip file. It will contain .html file of your document and a separate folder for images. You can get the images separately if you go to that folder.


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