GHCI Preconference Tips

Since GHCI (Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing India) is getting near , here are some tips for the first time attendees to make your experience a comfortable one.

Plan your travel itinerary.

If you are an outstation attendee and haven’t been to Bangalore before, it’s better to plan your travel itinerary before arriving at Bangalore. Plan the travel details from the airport to your accommodation and, from your accommodation to the conference. If you are unfamiliar with the local language and area, you can always use the Google map offline feature and save the route beforehand so that you can even use the Google map with the gps to identify your location and route without an internet connection.

Plan the sessions you want to attend beforehand.

In GHCI there are several sessions going parallel. So deciding the sessions which you want to attend can be a little bit tricky, since all the sessions looks promising. So before coming to the conference take some time and read the detailed version of agenda and description of sessions. Never judge the session from its name. Go through the detailed description of each sessions and figure out the sessions you need to attend.It’s better to be prepared early to avoid last minute mistakes of missing your favorite sessions. Remember that during the conference sometimes the sessions can change and the changes will be notified. You can also use the Convene app for the conference. Believe me, it will make your life easy.

Go to the conference venue early (first day).

In  the first day, registration ques tend to be long. To avoid the long ques get there early and then you have the time to get familiar with the conference venue before the conference starts.

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