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DroidCon India-2015


Droidcon India 2015 was held on 17th and 18th of December,2015 at MLR Convention Centre, Banglore. Droidcon is India’s largest Android developer conference and it is organized by hasgeek.

There were two types of diversity grants offered to attend the conference covering conference ticket, travel and accomadation; student grant and the female developer grant.The female developer grant is sponsored by Intel Software and organized by the droidcon global department.  I received the female developer sponsorship. Thank you very much Intel and droidcon global for funding my travel and accommodation to attend the conference.  I won’t be able to attend the conference without that.

I first heard about droidcon and the grants program from a friend’s facebook post. Android has always been my hobby and leisure time activity. Even though I do not get a chance to practice Android at my job, open source and mentoring has kept me up to date. As soon as I go through the event website I knew I wanted to attend. So I applied for the female developer sponsorship grant and about a week later I was notified that I got it.


MLR Convention Centre was buzzing with Android enthusiasts when I reached there on 17th morning. Upon registration, we were given the conference pass with our names and the goodie pack which included the AuraVR headset. I have been to my share of conferences and this is the first time I got the schedule printed in the conference pass. Kudos to the organizers for that thoughtful idea.

There were two parallel sessions going on the Auditorium and the Banquet Hall so that you can choose a talk or workshop according to your preference. Usually, the talk sessions were at Auditorium and the workshops were at the Banquet Hall. There were sponsor stalls from Microsoft, Uber, inshorts, epson and cube26 at the area outside the auditorium.

Food coupons were given each day at the morning and we had a choice of selecting our choice of food at the food court. Wifi name and password were given. Unfortunately, it was not stable in the first day. But it was much better on the second day.


The first session I attended was the “Memory Dumps: Going beyond the memory” by Eric Andre of Badoo. He talked about HPROF and Badoo Memory Dump (BMD) format. You can read more on BMD at Badoo tech blog.

Next session was about modern prototyping by Soham Mandal. He initiated the talk with the importance of prototyping and talked about the tools. During the session he showed us how easy it is, by making a pototype of an app from the scratch.

The session about react was something I was looking forward from the moment I laid my eyes on the schedule. I wanted to know how will it incorporates with Android to give the developer more power. I was also wondering whether it is worth it. However, the talk was able to clear my misconceptions on react for Android (of course a little bit of google helped too ;)).

The 20-minute session about Android Studio was good for beginner level developers. But most of the seasoned developers already know this stuff.  Nevertheless, the speakers were able to keep the session alive by keeping it short and doing the demo.

In the evening, I went to participate to the VR workshop. I was hoping that it would teach to make a VR project from the scratch. But the session needed a GitHub project cloned. But with the poor wifi, it took some time to get the code and due to some configuration changes some more time was wasted to make it up and running. However, they explained the important functions and how they are implemented.

After the tea break, there was a session on building better android apps with MVP. The session was very fast faced and it took me a lot of effort to keep up. Nevertheless, the session was worth it.

The second day started with the “Where do android tests belong”  talk by Nazneen and Vidhi. Although it didn’t teach me something new since I have a special interest in testing, for others it would have been a most important one.

Next was the “Google talk” by Vikram Aggrawal. Although it wasn’t much focused on technical side it was able to freshen up the audience with the cute pics of puppies and kittens. It also gave a brief idea on the development process at Google.

One of the most interesting session from the conference for me was the next session on “Onboarding new users on your Android app” by Elvis D’souza. He was able to give a good value addition to his talk with real app examples.

Azure mobile app engagement” by Abhishek also caught my interest. Needless to say, the whole time I was comparing Google Analytics and searching on the comparison while trying very hard to listen to what the speaker says as well.

The conference ended wth the session on Realm which was another great session because throughout my app development career I have never even thought of replacing SQLite. So it really opened my mindset to search for new and better possibilities.


At the end of the two days, I have learned a lot and met some great people. It got me thinking on some aspects, specifically on app architecture and user interface. Most importantly some good app ideas came to me during the sessions as well. HasGeek has done a fantastic job with organizing. Apart form the wifi problem they deserve 5 star rating.

The photos of the event from organizers can be acessed here.

The videos of all the talks can be accessed here.

Once again thank you very much Intel and droidcon global for the sponsorship. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to experience this amazing conference.